As per the PDMA’s request for package inserts of the registered products, we have now completed the uploading onto the website of what we have received thus far. These registered products’ package inserts are added to our searchable database for access by vets and farmers alike. If you haven’t submitted it to the PDMA yet, please do so in order for your product to be included in this database.


It has come to our attention that letters are in circulation regards a change in SAPA’s banking details. Please be advised that SAPA’s banking details HAVE NOT changed, please confirm the details with SAPA if you are uncertain.

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Poultry Disease Management Agency - Jul 2013

After months of hard work from various stakeholders, the Variant Infectious Bronchitis vaccines have now been approved for use in South Africa. This could not have come at a better time given that the winter months are upon us and the producers and their ve...

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The State Vets Training Programme in the spotlight - Apr 2013

In the February issue of the Bulletin, we covered the State Vets Training as one of the clips for the month. In this issue, the PDMA wishes to delve into more details regarding the programme and its purpose.

The State Vets training initiative came in...

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Poultry Disease Management Agency - Mar 2013

It is always a great feeling of achievement when months of planning finally yield the desired outcomes and progress. It is this feeling that the PDMA team are now experiencing as things start to fall into their rightful place.

Training for Provincia...

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Poultry Disease Management Agency - Feb 2013

These are exciting times for the PDMA. After months of planning and organising, we are at a point where the projects are ready for kick-off.

Developing the Business as a jump-start for PDMA

It took a few weeks to develop a business plan that...

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End of the Year - Dec 2012

It is the end of the year, and an opportune time to report back on the progress that has been made thus far by the PDMA. The first task for the PDMA Director was to put together a business plan by which the agency would be run. This business plan was approv...

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Disease Surveillance Part 1 - Nov 2012

Role of Disease Surveillance and Reporting

The threat of diseases is a daily reality for all chicken farmers. It is important for farmers to be aware and prepared for any introduction of both new and old diseases. Biosecurity remains a very importa...

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Meaningful and Productive Partnerships - Jul 2012

The PDMA is designed and positioned to be the link between various stakeholders who are directly and indirectly involved in issues related to the National Flock. In order for these partnerships to be productive, all stakeholders have to engage and act in th...

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PDMA is now on the roll - Jun 2012

The agency has been busy finalising the business plan that was presented to the producers at Avi Africa. The business needs the final nods from the subcommittees. The subcommittees will be putting the final seal of approval at the next subcommittee meetings...

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PDMA Ready, Steady, Go… - May 2012

The PDMA is in its 3 months of existence and gaining momentum. The process of building on the strategic goals is well under way through the drafting of the business plan. It has become very clear that there is a lot of ground to be covered. Therefore having...

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The Poultry Disease Management Agency (PDMA) - report back - Apr 2012

The Poultry Disease Management (PDMA) agency was conceived by Industry in conjunction with the University of Pretoria in 2009 with the aim of providing the South African poultry sector with cost effective disease control. The PDMA is financed through the le...

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Press Release on Economic Impact of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza Outbreaks - Apr 2018

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